About Us


We have an international standard IT team that is always available, support and serve customers with the best attitude. Besides, we also have experienced team advisors from the US, Singapore, UK, Switzerland. With the above-mentioned professional team, we will make JERITEX the most prestigious, professional and safest trading platform in cryptocurrency market.


With the desire to create an international standard exchange and the best service to customers, JERITEX team always tries to update the latest platforms, the best features for the exchange to achieve the following goals: Fair, Safe, Fast transactions and Low costs.

Currently JERITEX is using the BSC platform to issue exchange coins, in addition to developing NFT payment applications through stable coins to expand the ecosystem in online payments. JERITEX will also integrate FIAT and SWAP on the exchange. Compete with current major exchanges.

With strategies, vision, excellent team, good IT team, strong marketing team, there is a strong belief that JERITEX will be a new breeze in the cryptocurrency market this year and we believe that within 2 years JERITEX will be on the TOP 5 of TOP TRADING EXCHANGES.